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About the clinic

OCTA Dental Clinic is a territory of comfort and friendly atmosphere. Here you can get comprehensive answers to any questions regarding the dental profile.

If you associate dentistry with painful sensations, a specific smell of drugs in the offices, fear, and sky-high prices, we will completely turn your perception of this field of activity around.

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The main principles of OCTA Dental Clinic are: individual approach, comfort, painless treatment, safety, modern technologies.

It probably goes without saying that each patient's body has its own individual characteristics, so it is important for us to take into account all the needs of a person and approach the problem in a comprehensive manner.

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A whole team works on each case:

  • orthopedists
  • surgeons
  • orthodontists
  • therapists

to ensure that the treatment result is predictable and long-lasting.

We treat our patients in a cozy, calm and relaxed atmosphere.

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Modern dentistry in Dnepr: features of work, services, advantages

Modern dentistry in Dnepr is a team of qualified professionals who have experience, the necessary knowledge and skills. All this is important and is also supported by modern equipment. At the same time, it is quite possible to order high-quality services inexpensively and with a quality guarantee.

Main services and their features

There are several categories of services in this area, each of which has its own unique features:

  • Preventive services, which include regular preventive examinations, teeth cleaning, and education on basic hygiene.
  • Restoration, treatment, which includes caries treatment and dental filling, root treatment, tooth extraction, restoration with crowns, implantation.
  • Orthodontics. This includes the installation of various types of braces and the use of removable orthodontic appliances.
  • Surgical procedures, including tooth extraction, gum plastic surgery, cyst removal, etc.
  • Prosthetics. Manufacturing of removable dentures, installation of fixed dentures.

Pediatric dentistry can be included in a separate category, which necessarily takes into account all the features of the child’s treatment.

Advantages of a modern dental clinic

Modern dental clinics provide patients with a number of advantages through the use of the latest technologies and modern treatment methods. Ours belongs precisely to this category and offers the most comfortable services in Dnepr in this segment. Among the main advantages that our dental clinic has are:

  • High level of equipment. We are equipped with high-tech equipment, which provides accurate diagnoses and effective treatment methods.
  • Application of modern treatment methods. Modern computer technologies are used for the manufacture of crowns and bridges, dental implantation, etc.
  • Particular attention is always paid to the individual needs of the patient, offering personalized treatment plans and aesthetic correction options.
  • Maintaining high standards of safety and sterility, which minimizes the risk of infections and other complications.
  • Modern methods of cosmetic dentistry, including veneers, whitening, composite materials to restore natural-looking teeth.
  • The opportunity to receive professional and highest quality consultations and patient education in oral health care methods.

Our priority is also to create a comfortable atmosphere in the clinic using modern design solutions and providing a comprehensive range of services. Against the backdrop of so many obvious advantages, prices are relatively low. Accordingly, almost everyone has the opportunity to order high-quality dental services from us. This allows you to improve your quality of life and achieve the desired result. Quality dentistry is our main focus. A private clinic has all the necessary resources for this.