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Implant placement, post + crown "Alpha Bio" (Israel)


Implant placement, post + crown "MegaGen" (Korea)


Implant placement, post + crown "Nobel Biocare" (Switzerland)


All-on-4 (all on 4 implants)

from 3800

All-on-6 (all on 6 implants)

from 4500

*The price is for all stages of the procedure


      Implant prosthetics is the installation of a prosthesis on an artificial support (implant). It is by far the best solution for tooth loss.

     Types of prosthetics on implants:

     Fixed dentures on implants - are used in the absence of one or even all teeth.
     Removable dentures on implants - are indicated for patients with a complete absence of the dentition. At the same time, 2 implants are installed in the jawon which a removable structure is installed in the future.
     Conditionally removable dentures on implants - are used in the absence of most or all teeth.  Such prostheses are used in cases where there are contraindications to the installation of permanent structures).  Outwardly, they look aesthetically pleasing and comfortable when eating - such prosthetics are reliable and durable.

     Methods of prosthetics on implants:

     A crown is installed in the absence of one tooth. It is made from materials such as cermet and ceramics.
     Dental bridge - consists of several crowns, and can restore a large number of dental units.
     Installation of a fixed prosthesis on 4 or 6 implants - this method of complete renewal of the dentition is possible in the absence of bone tissue atrophy. 


1. Preparatory stage with a general examination of the patient.  Computed tomography of the jaw is performed, analysis for allergens to anesthetics.  Collecting an anamnesis to identify concomitant diseases that may be a contraindication to surgical intervention.
2. Based on the data obtained, a safe anesthetic is selected and an operation plan is drawn up.
3. If necessary, tooth pulp removal, caries treatment, professional cleaning, decayed teeth removal and other preparatory procedures are performed.
4. Surgical stage with implantation.
5. Monitoring the healing of implants by radiography once every two months.
6. Then (after 3-6 months) casts are made on the basis of which an orthopedic structure is made.
7. The doctor tries on a permanent structure and, in full compliance with it, makes the installation.

About the clinic

OCTA Dental Clinic is a territory of comfort and friendly atmosphere. Here you can get comprehensive answers to any questions regarding the dental profile.

If you associate dentistry with painful sensations, a specific smell of drugs in the offices, fear, and sky-high prices, we will completely turn your perception of this field of activity around.

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The main principles of OCTA Dental Clinic are: individual approach, comfort, painless treatment, safety, modern technologies.

It probably goes without saying that each patient's body has its own individual characteristics, so it is important for us to take into account all the needs of a person and approach the problem in a comprehensive manner.

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A whole team works on each case:

  • orthopedists
  • surgeons
  • orthodontists
  • therapists

to ensure that the treatment result is predictable and long-lasting.

We treat our patients in a cozy, calm and relaxed atmosphere.

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