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 Teeth whitenin


Teeth whitening is a procedure during which the hard tissues of the tooth are cleaned of pigment deposits.  It allows you to illuminate the enamel by 3-4 tones (individually and depends on the density of the enamel) and give it natural light.


  1. Pre-clean your teeth from plaque and calculus with a professional teeth cleaning.

  2. After that, the entire surface of the teeth is covered with an acid-free whitening gel.

  3. Next, this gel is activated by irradiation (ultraviolet or LED lamp) or without irradiation, depending on the whitening system, which is selected individually for each patient.

  4. The final step is to remove the rest of the gel, dry the teeth and apply a strengthening gel with calcium phosphate, which prevents hypersensitivity.

     In just one visit, you will improve the radiance and color of your teeth.  

About the clinic

OCTA Dental Clinic is a territory of comfort and friendly atmosphere. Here you can get comprehensive answers to any questions regarding the dental profile.

If you associate dentistry with painful sensations, a specific smell of drugs in the offices, fear, and sky-high prices, we will completely turn your perception of this field of activity around.

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The main principles of OCTA Dental Clinic are: individual approach, comfort, painless treatment, safety, modern technologies.

It probably goes without saying that each patient's body has its own individual characteristics, so it is important for us to take into account all the needs of a person and approach the problem in a comprehensive manner.

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A whole team works on each case:

  • orthopedists
  • surgeons
  • orthodontists
  • therapists

to ensure that the treatment result is predictable and long-lasting.

We treat our patients in a cozy, calm and relaxed atmosphere.

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   Teeth whitening

     A snow-white smile is our best demonstration. This adds charm and confidence, and even reduces the years. That is why it is the dream of many of us. When teeth lose their natural whiteness over time as a result of eating habits, neglect of hygiene or smoking, we look for a way to whiten our teeth.

   Cosmetic teeth whitening at OCTA Dental Clinic

     Dreaming of a Hollywood smile? We have effective methods to restore a snow-white smile! Teeth whitening at OCTA Dental Clinic is an absolutely safe and non-invasive procedure. A new, usually 2-3 times brighter tooth color lasts 1 to 2 years, depending on the recommendations immediately after the procedure, dietary habits or the quality of daily oral hygiene. The procedure can be performed on people over 16 years of age. All patients dream of a whiter smile, a 30-minute lunchtime teeth whitening session with the latest Beyond Polus Advanced Lamp will make that dream come true. For best results, teeth whitening should be preceded by professional teeth cleaning. Scaling and sandblasting of teeth is carried out a few days before the procedure. Efficiency is supported by the use of a "white" diet and a full range of drugs, Beyond Pearl White pastes.

   Teeth whitening in Dnipro

     Why should teeth whitening be done at OCTA Dental Clinic?

• whitening is carried out by experienced dental hygienists
• we have the original LATEST BEYOND POLUS LAMP for teeth whitening
• we use only proven and safe whitening products
• we help to keep a new, snow-white smile longer

   Which teeth whitening method is best?

     At OCTA Dental Clinic we successfully use two methods: Teeth whitening with the latest Beyond Polus Advanced lamp Teeth whitening in the dental office OCTA Dental Clinic gives the most spectacular result in the shortest possible time - visible instant whitening of teeth even by several tones. The modern solution we offer is effective, known all over the world and marked by high efficiency. BEYOND ADVANCED LAMP whitens teeth in 30 minutes, and whitened teeth last up to 2 years. Obviously, the effect depends on the individual characteristics and behavior of the patient. The OCTA Dental Clinic has one of the most advanced whitening technologies, the Beyond Polus Advance lamp is the unrivaled leader in the whitening market. Winner of several international prizes and awards. Teeth whitening with Beyond Polus Advance is unrivaled in teeth whitening methods, Beyond focuses primarily on the safety of the procedure, the quality of the materials used in dentistry, and the reduction of postoperative hypersensitivity due to the ultrasound and ionization used.

   Teeth whitening at home

     Home whitening is a procedure that the patient performs independently at home. This takes 2 to 4 weeks. The first step is to make an impression using standard impression trays. The dental hygienist then individually fabricates and fits the splints. He selects a whitening gel suitable for the sensitivity of the patient's teeth and instructs how to use it. The patient receives an individual home whitening kit and, according to the instructions, puts on patches with whitening gel at night or wears them for several hours during the day. OCTA Dental Clinic uses Opalescense for surface whitening, a professional product that does not damage enamel and does not cause allergies. Due to the fact that it is applied directly to the teeth and chemically activated, it does not require additional lamp exposure. Teeth whitening is effective and permanently whitens teeth. Whether you can achieve such an impressive effect depends largely on your discipline, perseverance and self-control. It is necessary to follow the recommendations of the "white diet" not only after teeth whitening, but throughout the treatment. Whitening treatment can only whiten natural teeth and will not change the color of veneers, dentures or fillings. However, modern dentistry makes it possible to whiten teeth with root canals or dead teeth.

   Whitening dead teeth

     A dead tooth is an aesthetic problem. It cannot be bleached by any home method. At OCTA Dental Clinic, the dentist whitens them in a completely different, completely professional way. The whitening of a dead tooth begins with an x-ray, thanks to which it is possible to assess the correctness of the root canal treatment performed. The next step is to open the crown of the tooth and insert the whitening inlay needed for the whitening. The bleaching drug should be changed and re-injected several times, so the dentist will apply a temporary lomba. Whitening of dead teeth is repeated until the desired effect is achieved. In some cases, re-treatment of the root canal is necessary to remove old discoloration material. Finally, a composite filling is placed.

   Preservation of a snow-white smile after bleaching

     The durability of the whitening effect depends on many factors:

• observance of the "white diet" for at least 2, and preferably 7 days after the whitening procedure
• correct, daily oral hygiene
• a diet that limits the intake of foods and drinks that discolor teeth
• to give up smoking
• regular whitening as recommended by the dental hygienist An additional relief is the opportunity to purchase recommended and enamel-safe whitening pastes in our clinic, which perfectly preserve the whitening effect.

   When should you not whiten your teeth?

• Teeth whitening procedure should not be performed:
• people with damaged gums and periodontitis
• youth under 16
• pregnant and lactating women
• people with hypersensitivity of teeth
• people with severely cracked tooth enamel